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Does anyone know how to automate the distribution of scheduled reports from the print que into a customized/structured directory? Are there any software packages that can distribute PDFs based on the PDF's title/content/user access-priveledges etc..? Any ideas or suggestions? Much thanks in advance.....


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We are using formscape to distribute the reports to our outside plants. We
will be having to do this based off of environment, user, report name, &
version. We will need to add an ESU into XE to set the criteria but once we
have the criteria we can set default printers.

Jeremey Garcia
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I would imagine it wouldn't be too hard to write a program to read through the F986110 and move reports around based on the information in this file. I started working on a project to do this exact same thing. I created a new file that contains the names and versions of reports I want to move. Each night, I'll read through this new file and move only these reports. I'm not sure where your printqueue is located, but ours is on our AS/400 and I will be moving the reports to a new location.

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