PDBA 400 (Bonus) and Creating Similar Pay Types


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I'm new to much of the functional aspect of some of the HR/PR Setup (the behind the scenes stuff).

A - HR asks me - Where does the 25% get setup, for Pay Type 400 (Bonus).

B - HR asks me - If we wanted to setup something that works the same as Bonus Pay, where / how do we configure the percentages?

Staring at the KG - and wondering, ... where the heck ...

If available - just point me to the document...

Hi Daniel,

I'm guessing you're asking about the 25% tax rate on Bonus pay. If you are using Vertex, it looks at the "Auto Pay Method" field on the Pay Type Revisions screen. A selection of "B" for supplemental pay will get the 25% tax rate. If you happen to do business in California, you also need to look at the "Pay Source" field to select the appropriate California only code to get the correct tax rate. We are in California so we use "A" in that field for our Bonus pay types.

Hope that helps,

Pam - I neglected to say 'thank you', earlier -