Work orders not generating routing when created from W line type on sales order E19.1


Hi all, we're having an odd issue and I was hoping someone here might be able to point me in the direction of more factors to check into.

We have a large group of items in one of our branches that if we manually create the work order and generate bills and routings (R31410) we have no issues. However when we enter these items on a W line type and then generate the work order it only builds a parts list but no routing. We've tried multiple variations of the processing options on the work order generation program and still see the same results.

Is this ringing any bells for anyone else here that might be able to point where else to look for this particular issue?

Thanks for your ideas!

EDIT: Been hacking around with this some more and determined we're also only seeing it on items that have master routers setup in the F4104 cross reference, that are also created from W line types. As described above these work fine if work order is manually created.
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Make sure that in P3009 - Manufacturing Constants - you have Master Routings checked.
What about the Routing effective dates? Routing has to be effective on the Work order Start date generated from the sales order.