Payroll accrual process question


We are researching implementing the payroll vacation accrual process within
JDE. We are currently calculating everything manually.

I would to know if anyone has implemented a payroll vacation accrual process
which creates journal entries to a general ledger vacation account and how
you have worked around the following issue:

An employee has accrued 40 hrs of vacation in 2000. It rolls over (on
employee anniversary date) to an available vacation DBA in 2001 this
available DBA also accrues 2001 vacation which is also available in 2001.
So now lets say they have 80 hrs available at the end of 2001 and they have
only taken 8 hrs. When it rolls over to 2002 they will lose 32 hrs because
will only allow 40 hrs to roll over. JDE tells me that now I will be out of
balance between payroll accrual hrs and the general ledger (which will still
have 72 hrs) because they do not do any kind of reversing entry.

Cheryl Ballou
Furr's Restaurant Group, Inc.
AS400 Application Development
JDE A7.3 cum 11