Payroll 2001 W2s


I've heard that I must be up to cum 12 on A 7.3 in order to accurately produce 2001 this correct? Any bulletin to reference?

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I hope not - that would cause problems for a lot of JDE customers.

We are on A73cum10 and our 2000 W2's were ok.
Haven't heard anything about having to be on cum12.
I did hear that there were some big changes to forms, but nothing else.

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HIGHLY unlikely. Every year they produce at PTF tape for W2, 1099, T4 updates (call and order what you need as soon as you see it on the KG) and I have never known them to be "minimum cume" specific. We are currently at cume 11 but were on 8 for quite some time. In all other previously releases (this goes back to 5.x) we were ALWAYS quite a few cume's behind and never had trouble with year end issues. It may be possible that you have to be above (I'm just guessing) cume 4 or something but I still doubt it.

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I just went on the KG, the document there said you have to be on Cum 4 fot 1099, T4, and W2.

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