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E9.2 Payor Bank Account Cross Reference not set up


Hello Guys

How are you

I am running some test for Processing Automatic Debits (A/R) from G03B131 I do the following:

  1. Go to Process Auto Debits P03B571
  2. Click on Add
  3. Pick my version - R03B571 Version Test01
  4. Enter my Data Selection
    1. Payment Instrument = A
    2. Currency Code = EUR
    3. Batch numeber = 24196
  5. Processing Option
    1. Tab Processing, I only change option 2.- Process through Date = 11/04/2020
    2. Tab Bank Account .- 1.1110.BEAR
    3. Bank File
      1. Bank Format Program : R03B575DD
      2. Bank Format Version : ZJDE0001
  6. When my job finish it shows me the the message "Payor Bank Account Cross Reference Not Set up" which i don't understand why i keep receiving the message.
I already check Bank account for cross reference for me it looks good but i don't understand what else could be missing.

Any suggestions i'd appreciatte.