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BI Publisher - JD Edwards E900 Tools 8.98 - P95630 Problem


Hello 2 all!

I'm new in JD Edwards Development Area, and I'm in need of some help! Hope that someone here in this forum would help me.

My manager has send to me a BIP manual and I'm trying to do a complete BIP process to make a presentation to him.

I'm using the JD Edwards E900 with Tools 8.98, and these are the steps that I'm doing:
1 - Creation of a blank RTF template
2 - Upload of this template (P95600)
3 - Link this template with the UBE desired (P95620)
4 - Submit in P95620 to create a XML file
5 - Update the RTF template with the desired fields through BI Publisher Plugin in Word
6 - Upload the RTF updated through P95600
7 - Set the Output/Bursting options in P95620, and submit or execute the batch version specified

<font color="red"> 8 - View the Report Definitions Jobs through P95630 to download the results in the desired format </font>

Step 8 is the step that I have the problem. I don't see any jobs in this Screen(P95630), and then I can't generate any file in another format(RTF, XLS, HTML...)...would it be because I'm using a demo Version of JD Edwards??

Thanks in advance!



Yes, that is your problem. BI Publisher works via a JDE service kernel running on an Enterprise Server. You do not have that available to you with the StandAlone. You can get an idea of how your output will look through the plug-in.


There's a known issue to Oracle where the report definition must be defined in the same environment that is defined in your jde.ini file. Can't remember which setting it is in the jde.ini file, but if you set the RD up in all environments and rerun/republish it may work.