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Pages - How to get a UBEs Version text show in the icon


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Hi List

What am I missing here?

If I type this in, I will see an icon with the text Speed Voucher Entry, happy days
@A:Description=W0411_DESCR|AppId=P0411SVA|FormId=W0411SVA:Speed Voucher Entry:runE1App('P0411SV','W0411SVA', 'VJDE0001')

but for UBEs I have 2 issues

If I enter this
@E:Hover=On|Description=R09801 Voucher Post|Version=VJDE0002|HoverLinkText=R09801:R09801_TITLE:runE1UBEVersion('R09801','VJDE0002','0')

1) The UBE icon just says R09801_TITLE
How do I get a UBE page icon to list the version name?
How do you guys write the instruction syntax for both an APPL and UBE icon
For UBEs is it
@A::Apply Forecast to Budget:runE1UBEBlind('R1407','XJDE0001','0')

2) It just takes me directly to the Batch Version screen anyway, not the actual UBE itself
@K::Create Payment Group Co 240 GBP:runE1UBEVersion('R5604570','GTS2400003','0')
@L::Create Payment Group Co 240 CZK:runE1UBEVersion('R5604570','GTS2400004','0')

Is the answer this?
function runE1UBEBlind(ubeId, version, promptPO)


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fixed :)

@L:|reportId=R5604570|version=GTS2400004:Create Payment Group Co 240 CZK:runE1UBE('R5604570','promptForDS', 'GTS2400004','1')

For future readers:

Launch a Report – Prompt for Version (call the BV selection screen)
runE1UBEVersion(ubeId, version, promptPO)

Launch a Report – Without Prompting for Version
runE1UBEBlind(ubeId, version, promptPO)

Launch an UBE with prompt for DS and PO
runE1UBE('R04305', 'promptForDS', 'ZJDE0001', '1')
@L:|reportId=R5604570|version=GTS2400004:Create Payment Group Co 240 CZK:runE1UBE('R5604570','promptForDS', 'GTS2400004','1')

Launch an UBE with prompt for DS but no PO
runE1UBE('R04305', 'promptForDS', 'ZJDE0001', '0')