E1 Page Designer on 9.0 TR - Where is the VERSION coming from?



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Hi folks

I have an issue with your page designer in that if I add a APP ID Form ID and then go to select Version, I sometimes see one version.
Even though DV has 7 listed in IV and UT has 9 listed

No matter where I point my OCMs to I still only sree one version and it's XJDE0001. I need to add VJDE0001 as below

@F:Description=W41206E_DESCR|AppId=P41206|FormId=W41206E|Version=VJDE0001:Item Branch:runE1App('P41206','W41206E','VJDE0001')

Where is your software going to get the version list?
I got this reply last time

Yes, on the machine where you are running E1PD, which may be Fat Client. - in E1PD, there is a settings screen where you can force it to refresh the caches, E1PD caches these Version names and what you see there is coming from those caches, so if the caches are old, they would not have any new Versions there and need to be refreshed.

I don't know where this setting is in my DV FAT Client


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Let's book a GoToMeeting session and look into this together, Ok? - there are no charges for this. But we may only have a slim time overlap, so if you can connect from home, it may be the easiest. Please email me directly and we'll find time for this. What's your time zone?
Hey Alex

Many thanks for you email, as I stated in the email, I think I may have found what the issue is. But I would still like to know if OCMs have a part to play on the list it finds?
Thanks! Yes, I think it will most certainly affect it. So if your user's OCM was pointing to an alternative table, the results would reflect this.