Package deployment and external programs...


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We've discovered a need to add something to the package deployment process,
and I'm
looking for suggestions on a good way to do it. All the PCs here are
running Sophos
anti-virus software, which greatly slows down package deployment. We would
like to have
a way to automatically turn it off when a user starts to install a package
and turn it back
on when the deployment is completed. Assuming we can create an external
batch program
that can be called to turn it on and off, what would be the best way to
cause said program
to execute before and after deployment?

--Scotti Whitmire
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Ricardo Paz

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I thin'k you could create a .BAT file some like this:

Sophos stop (or whatever you´ll use to stop the antivirus)
\\owdeploy\oneworld\b733\Onewolrldclientinstall\setup.exe (or the path where
your client installation files are)
Sophos start (or whatever you´ll use to start the antivirus)

OW B73.3.2 SP 16.1 / NT 4.0 Sp 6a/ SQL 7.0 (XE and Win2000 soon)

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Right, that would work fine for installing packages from the install
manager... but what if I want to do this with scheduled packages?


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This sounds like a job for "features". Using features during the package
build process you call can "external" programs. I believe the program is
called AFTER the package install. This means you would need 2 packages, the
first would contain only feature A which would stop the required programs.
The second package would perform your object installs & call feature B at
the end to start the programs.

Best of luck,


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