P952336 are gone from 9.2 Stand Alone

Marcelo Santos

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Anyone that installed the Stand Alone DEMO Version 9.2 (the new one that Oracle's published with Next Number fixed) noticed that program P952336 (Publication Lists) are gone? without it I can't configure CAFE layouts and permissions.
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The environment, the product type, the user, role or *PUBLIC, and the application form and version are all defined in P952332 but the records in P952332 are incorrect. For example, the environment is defined as DV900 but it should be JDV900.

Solution: A valid E1 environment name is entered and the user can use the Search feature to find and select the applicable environment. Once this environment is set correctly for user ABC, then when logging in as user ABC, the user will see the checkbox for Hide Related Information in the Preferences section of the EnterpriseOne menu.

The Related Information Application Framework can be hidden or shown by selecting or clearing the Hide Related Information option in the Preferences section of the EnterpriseOne menu. When selecting the Hide Related Information (the checkbox is checked), the Related Information Handler bar, Title bar, and the Related Information pane are all hidden. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application form fills the window. When the check box is cleared (the check box is empty), the HTML/Web client browser window shows both the application form and the Related Information toolbar and pane. The system saves this information and the next time the application form is opened, the Related Information framework appears or is hidden depending on the appearance during the user last session.