E9.1 Anyone Running Tools on AS400 with V7R4


We are in the process of acquiring a new AS400 running the latest version of OS400, V7R4.... for our purple stack environment(AS400, MS VM's, WLS).
We are at 9.1/ and want to upgrade to Tools.. We can not upgrade our apps until next year, so we can only go up to Tools.
Oracle has only certified the tools release, for V7R3. I know that IBM's Java will have to be used/upgraded to 1.8 for this tools version. And the C/C++ compilers
changed, but they are the same between both newer OS versions. Those were my primary concerns as far as compatibility. The rest of the LICPGM
requirements are standard PASE, etc.

My question is anyone else running this type of configuration with newer OS400 and 9.1 Apps/9.2.X Tools?? Does it do fine? Issues ?

My plan is to setup a multi foundation on a second partition, upgrade the partition to V7R4, load E1 DV/PY and upgrade the tools and see if we have compatibility issues
or if it works fine. The certification is there from Oracle for not tools release. So, concerned about that....but in general, the AS400. I can save a
good chunk of money by going with the new AS400 and using latest NVMe drives and hopefully get the throughput..500K reads/550K writes

Is this too risky? Waste of time? Any input would be appreciated.


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Hi we are using JDE 9.2 tools release under AS400 V7R3 without problems but V7R4 is only certified with 9.2.5 tools, so I won't recommend you to use it


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I know this isn't apples to apples, but we are running 8.12/ tools on V7R2, we are in the process of moving our last 8.12 business off to 9.2, so we run it on jdk60/32Bit.

We realized we were going to be self certified, so tested extensively in non-prod first, so far (knock on wood) we have run into no issues.

If you have a non-prod IBM i, I would certainly recommend a similar route.