OW XE Oexplorer.exe dies

JDE OW/XE SP14.1 AS/400 830(4Way) V4R5 running Double Byte Simplified

We placed a JDE call # 4203526 that is still open after 2 weeks and have run
out of solutions. The symptom is that Oexplorer.exe dies just after
validation. A Userid is not able to log into OneWorld XE unless they have
the exact same Userid and password setup on the AS/400. The only exception
to this is the Userid JDE and corresponding password. We have tried every
combination of security server (currently not using it)as well as many other
Band-Aids to no avail.

some have hinted that a PTFs has done this in the past, etc. Unfortunately,
we just installed and applied all PTFs prior to the application. We have
never gotten XE login to work as it does in B7332. We are not running
coexistence. Any hints or tricks are appreciated.


Doug Adamson
Tricon Restaurants Int'l

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When this occurs - what does the Client JDE.LOG state, and what does the corresponding Security Server JDE.LOG state ? My guess is that an error is certainly being reported somewhere along the line - and that your Server .INI may be at fault somehow since you are certainly able to sign in without using the Security Server.

Lastly - is this happening with a single User ID or with various user ID's. Your email infers various - but wanted to be sure..!

Jon Steel

ERP Sourcing


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Not sure if this is your fix or not but I have seen a similar instance like
this here. It is normally related to a particular user on a particular PC or
Citrix Terminal server. I can't really tell if any of your users can get on
or if it is just a few particular users from your post. Anyhow here it goes.
When a user enters their OW password and clicks ok OW goes away. Run RegEdit
on the box that seems to be afflicted. Follow the path
Delete the key for the user having problems. Log off and then back on to
make sure NT is all cleaned up and they should be good to go. I found this
little nugget after days of frustration. Hope this is your problem. If not
let us know if it is related to all users or just a few, is it box specific
or any machine you try to logon to, any error messages. Good luck.

Mark Siebenschuh
HP9000/Oracle 8.0.5/B733 Base (XE on the way)


The other situation which has resulted in this symptom was junk in the users
temp file. This manifested itself on TSE's. Here, OW would die after the
splash screen.
Hope this helps.


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We had an issue a while back where the JDE.INI file was getting corrupted
(lots of blanks and control characters). You might want to check the size of
a failing users JDE.INI file against that of a working user. I would think
it shouldn't be much bigger than 10-15K.

Mark Siebenschuh
HP9000/Oracle 8.0.5/B733 Base (XE on the way)