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Need your Help.

I have completed all the setup related to JD Edwards Order Fulfillment Module with the help of Implementation Guide and UPK as i am not aware about this module.

When i go on to create sales order as per the setup , ALLOC Column of F4211 Table should get updated with value 1 which means order has entered into Order Fulfillment Process.
but ALLOC field is not getting updated so order is not entering into Fulfillment process.

Fulfillment Management system stores unfulfilled quantities in the future
quantity bucket and fulfilled quantities in the soft commitment bucket but entire quantity on order is going into soft commitment bucket

I had a discussion on Oracle Community so they have asked me to raise to SR but i am sure its a setup related issue that i am not able to locate.

Any help on this would be highly appropriated.

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Here is the guide that might be of help to you on this and other setup questions.


  • JDE_EnterpriseOne_Fulfillment_Management_90_Guide_English.pdf
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