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jde distribution

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    JDE BI Publisher Sequencing Issue

    BI printing is cluttered and out of sequence. The documents in question are Delivery Receipt of Goods, Advice Note & Tax Invoice. I feel the reason is that JDE is processing the load as & when scanned and is passing the printing to BI to process the print request and provide the output in an...
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    Export Order going on backorder when qty is changed.

    A question for all JDE distribution experts. A user entered an export order into the system with 3 qtys some time earlier (lets says 1 month). Because there was no stock available that time, the line went into backorder. Yesterday the stock came and the order was fulfilled with 3 qtys by auto...
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    Order Fulfillment

    Hi Folks, Need your Help. I have completed all the setup related to JD Edwards Order Fulfillment Module with the help of Implementation Guide and UPK as i am not aware about this module. When i go on to create sales order as per the setup , ALLOC Column of F4211 Table should get updated with...