Export Order going on backorder when qty is changed.


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A question for all JDE distribution experts.

A user entered an export order into the system with 3 qtys some time earlier (lets says 1 month). Because there was no stock available that time, the line went into backorder.

Yesterday the stock came and the order was fulfilled with 3 qtys by auto commitment process. But now the customer required only 2 qtys instead of 3.

The user went ahead and tried changing the qty but it started putting the line into backorder again due to exhausted stock!

My belief was that as soon as the order is released from backorder, the quantities are soft commited. If the qty is reduced thatn the commited one, ideally it should send the order to back order. I mean that would make sense, wouldnt it?

Is there a valid reason behind this? Or are we missing any setup here? We havent made any recent setup changes so it would hve been always like that.

Any help or advise or some input is appreciated. Thanks all.