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Soul Glo

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Can anyone tell me how to get the one world explorer icon disabled. I don't want it to show up at all on the desktop of our fat clients. All I want them to have is the solution explorer icon. Also in solution explorer task view there are a number of items that are showing up as links is there anyway to have then show up as actual tasks rather then links, I tried re-creating then however I think they are actually being called from another task on the one world menu.

Also any one running on SP 16 and are there any problems as yet.

Thanks for any help.


In the inf file for the package is the following section,
Item1=SYSTEM\BIN32\Oexplore.exe,JDEdwards OneWorld Explorer,SYSTEM\res\OneWorld.ico
Item2=SYSTEM\BIN32\activconsole.exe,JDEdwards Solution Explorer
;Item1=SYSTEM\BIN32\Oexplore.exe,JDEdwards OneWorld,SYSTEM\res\OneWorld.ico
Item2=SYSTEM\BIN32\activconsole.exe,JDEdwards Solution Explorer

I would guess you can just comment out the lines you don't want!