OMW and ESU Memory Errors


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We have been having problems applying ESU's in Xe. We get a Memory Error reported.

I have investigated in depth and find the problem is caused in the OMW - only in the Planner (JDEPLAN) environment. For certain objects - currently only applications - I cannot Add them to a Project.

For the objects in question I always get a Memory Error.

Has anyone else seen this problem - any suggestions / solutions.

We are on OneWorld Xe. Intel NT Enterprise - Oracle 8.0.6.

The problem presents on the Deployment Server - which has 1Gb RAM (so no real memory problems).

We are on SP13.1 and have applied no further service packs or ESU's

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Are you getting the error during the "installation" of the esu? Have you
applied sp14.2 and JD7444? JD7444 is required to get around a security
violation during ESU application. I have had real problems with 14.2 and
memory issues.

Vic Harder


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Did you resolve this situation?, I'm doing an upgrade from B7332 to Xe and I have a problem with OMW because and I can't check out objects, and I don't know why.
Do you have any idea that can help me?.
Thank you for your last answer.