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Object label badly formatted. SP 15


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Has anyone experienced occasional UBE failures with the message in the job log "UBE0000084 ERROR: Function: PDFDocGen_Save, Code: 537001993, Message: Object label badly formatted."?

Ever since we installed SP 15 (B7332, AS/400) we get occasional jobs that we run on the server as part of our nightly processes fail with this error. The same job may run successfully 6 or 7 nights in a row and then fail once and then the cycle seems to repeat.

The process the UBE does seems to complete, but saving the PDF seems to fail. One of the UBEs we have this issue with deletes and reloads some of our advanced pricing data. The data all seems correct, we simply do not get the finished PDF output.

So far JDE has not been any help on this issue. They want to put the server in debug which I simply can not do in production. We run 50+ UBEs every night. Running in debug mode would probably turn my nightly processes into a week-long process <g>.

Plus I can't repeat this problem, it seems quite random in its pattern of failing.


Dave Schlieder