Next Numbering Setup for P48013


Hi ,

I am new to JDE E1 and i have working JDE Worldsoft.

My queries, how we setup the next number for Work order application branch wise, here i have two manufacturing branch plants, so i need to maintain the next number separately and two branches have two document types.

Even i set next number document types wise, it was not pick up from document type and it was appeared from 48 for NN setup.

Request to help for this issue



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You can't. The primary key for the work order table is the work order number thus you can only have one next number per JDE environment.


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Is the need for sequential uninterrupted next numbering a specific requirement? If not, what drives that need since it may be possible to use some other element(s) in the solution.


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WO# is unique across branches and order types as already stated by Russel.....custom coding and new unique index for F4801 required
to achieve what you wish for.