New Data Items or Multiple Tables?


Greetings all, we have recently implemented 9.2 (not an upgrade) so we are new to the JDE E1 "World" we have been having some internal discussions and it may lead to me developing a custom form to collect some simple data in the form of primarily multiple choice questions. I put together a quick mock-up as an example but while doing so was thinking about the final product and in this case there would be at least 50 questions, I was planning to use radio buttons in groups linked to an Event Point data item, however there are only 25 Event Points available. I had two thoughts initially and maybe there are others I have not thought about and was wondering if anyone can chime in with thoughts/best practices.

one thought was to create additional data items thus providing me with the required number of event points as I create the table and associated business view

my other thought was to create multiple tables maybe broken up by sections within the form with a separate header table and use the available event points in each individual table

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi James

Why not show your questions in a grid and just have the one table with a question set number?

If I understand you, it maybe easier as you can just keep reloading the grid in a button that calls Find after they've selected an answer
Thank you, John. For some reason the concept of using a simple table with one question per record never entered my mind. This gives me another option to consider while designing this and I do like the simplicity of it.
No worries. That's why I love this place. Sometimes you can't see the woods through the trees and need someone's input/idea :)

Let me know how you get on