data item

  1. New Data Items or Multiple Tables?

    Greetings all, we have recently implemented 9.2 (not an upgrade) so we are new to the JDE E1 "World" we have been having some internal discussions and it may lead to me developing a custom form to collect some simple data in the form of primarily multiple choice questions. I put together a quick...
  2. Unable to delete a custom Data Item

    I have created a copy of data item and wants to delete it. I am unable to modify it nor i am able to delete it as the delete buttons appears to be disabled. Is it possible to delete a custom data item from application? Kindly help me on this.<br><br>Note: This data item is not used in any object. 
  3. Rauf

    Should a full package deployment needed after changing a DATA ITEM property(especiall

    As far as my team knows, a full package deployment is needed even I change a data item, say Y59DESC1 having 5 chars, later changed to 12 chars. I am wondering, for a small change, we need to do a full package ? Behind the scenes: Y59DESC1 having an edit rule, IsColumnInMasterTable. After...
  4. Listing Variable Name : Data Item

    I am new to the BI Publisher tool. I am in the process of documenting forms from BI Publisher (desktop version 10.n) with our JDE 8.9 installation. I need to capture the source of each element within the form. To do so, I am pulling up each form in a fat client, selecting an element (e.g...