MRP Planning Parent & Child Parts Separately


We are trying to plan WIP parts at a different production rate then the FG. When we load a production plan for the WIP part and run MRP the results include the FG demand in the MRP calculations.

How do schedule FG and WIP separately without having the demand from FG included in the MRP result of WIP?

Thanks in Advance for your help
Exclude upper level parent part numbers in your MRP data selection....either using MPF codes or low level codes.
MRP will not generate messages for all excluded parents and their components. Just give it a shot if it meets your requirements.

Thanks for the reply. We do need the top level parts included in the MRP results because there are packaging components included in the upper level of the bom that are planned based off FG demand. The biggest issue I can not resolve is how to exclude demand from the FG work orders for the parts the WIP parts we want to plan separately from the FG schedule.

I am not sure if is possible to exclude work order demand for just a few specific part numbers from the MRP calculation.

You should be able to exclude sub-assembly components on a parent BoM if the Feature Plan% is set to zero.

Thanks Aron
Great that does work for the production plan we have loaded. Is there a way to exclude the work order demand when it is listed in a parts list on a open work order?

Thanks for all your help!