Moving from SSE 2005 to Oracle Enterprise Edition 11g R2.

Madav Karna

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We are planning to migrate from SQL Server 2005 to Oracle 11g R2 as a local database for our Windows 2008 R2 deployment Server.
JDE 9.0, Tools Release It would be great if someone can share the steps or provide us with an link to oracle document to migrate from SQL Server 2005 to OEE 11g R2.

SG Madav Karna
Why 11gR2 and not a newer release? Version 11gR2 is a pretty old release at this point and you will turn around and have to upgrade soon.

Concerning the approach, much depends on your data size. For smaller sizes, you can you the R98403 to simply pump the data from one database to the other. However, if your DB has much size at all, the process to move the large tables in an acceptable timeframe will need to be more creative. If you do a quick Google search for "Migrating from iSeries to SQL Server Platform for J.D. Edwards" you will find a document my brother wrote for Microsoft several years ago. The process to move from SQL to Oracle should be pretty much the same.