Moving from OAS to weblogic, how to deal with different Java versions



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We are moving our 8.12 8.98 Tools servers to WebLogic from OAS in preparation for eventually going to the 9.1 Tools. However I have a dilema.

OAS only supports Java 1.5 and WLS only supports Java 1.6. The specs held in the F98999* tables are Java version specific. Short of creating a whole new WLS environment in JDE with a new set of F98999* tables, has anyone figured out how to run these two setup simultaneously?

Just for doco, here is what Oracle came back with:

you need to have another set of Serialized Objects tables (F989998 and F989999). You can store them anywhere you want, but it just has to be in a separate datasource from the original tables. You can use the jdb.ini section “JDBj – SPEC DATASOURCE” to point to the tables.

I've often wondered what this section was used for, now I know. I will try this next week and update this post.
Hi have done this in a TR migration in a particular configuration (two environment one set of central object two TR level, two set of data dictionary).
After the initial set up everything worked as aspected.
Just for follow-up I only had to create the new data sources (no ODBC required) and create the tables/indexes.

Cycle and I was off and running.