How to do an HTML install on WebLogic from 8.98.4



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I am going on vacation in about 6 hours so I am hoping to get this figured out before then :D

I have a new WebLogic server with installed. I was able to add the WebLogic server in SM, and to that point all looks well. When I try to add the HTML instance (EnterpriseOne HTML Server) I get this message:

There are no J2EE servers (OC4J instances or WebSphere servers) available for deployment. Please validate that an application server has been registered with this managed home agent and, if necessary, use the management console to create a J2EE server within that application server.

One other wrinkle my SM install is

I am obviously missing something here, as SM appears to be looking for either OAS (OC4J) or WebSphere.

Any ideas on what I'm missing?


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You need to create a J2EE Managed Server in your domain. Click the Domain Name link (you would have created this during the install of WebLogic). Enter a server name and port and click "Create Server". Then, you can add an HTML instance to this J2EE server.
Thanks Hari,

That did the trick. I knew I was missing something simple, but I don't have my docs in front of me, and I don't to this often enough.

Thanks again.