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P.S.: Daniel. I am curious to how do you move the objects between B7331 and
XE further what kind of setup/prerequisites required to use VER for B7331
and XE object comparision. I will appreciate if you will share these
interesting informations with us. Thanks. (From Zoltan)

Finally, I might get to help the 'master'....

I'll try to make it fairly short... I haven't been able to identify a way
to 'copy' an object from one version of OW to another.

The company I work for had/has a heavily modded B7331 Customer Order
Management system. They are moving the entire company from all the
dissimilar programs to XE. As part of the process - they desired to move
the heavily customized objects from B7331 to XE. However, they did not want
to migrate them (spec merges do not work in real life).

Step one - replicate the Application on an XE FAT/Development Client (IT
MUST HAVE THE SAME OBJECT NAME!). Create matching views and place all the
data items (with identical names and DD types) on your form. This includes
hidden objects, grid and menu/buttons. During this step, you don't touch any
of the ER. You simply recreate the form(s) to look like those in the legacy

Step Two - insert a comment in every event that will contain ER. Here's the
skinny... putting a comment in the ER will allow ER Compare to merge the
spec from legacy to the new object. If you don't put in a comment, ER Merge
will appear to work - then fail during the save. Its kind of like taking
the lid off the can before you try to fill it with paint.

Step Three - Check out the object on the LEGACY (B7331) system to a Legacy -
FAT/Development Client. Log into CRP, check out the object your want to
copy. This action will bring the object's specs to the local\B7\CRP\spec
directory. You will want to share the B7\CRP\spec folder on this machine.
We will call this machine legacy - your share will look like

Step Four - On the XE FAT/Dev Client, go to Visual ER Compare (Design Tools
tab). There are three radio buttons on the "Select Location of Source
Spec" form that appears. Push the radio button for Remote Specifications
Location and click OK. The go out to the network, locate the 'legacy
machine' that has the object checked out and connect to \\legacy\spec.
Click Open.

Now the Visual ER Compare will ER Compare the newly created object against a
checked out object in the spec directory of the Legacy FAT Client. This
process can be used to compare against other PCs, also. If you have a PC
that doesn't seem to be current with deployments - you can find out using
this process.

Now, there is a humongous list of gotchas!
* Move the Event Rule Variables over first - and do a save before moving
other specs. Otherwise, ER using the variables will be doa.
* Note that some items do not find their counterparts and show as added ER
and deleted ER
* You have to MANUALLY go back in and verify each line that is merged. Even
if, visually, the ER says something - DON'T TRUST IT. The logic will be in
tact, the variables and parameters could be anything. Select your ER and
verify that the parameters are what they show they are... You will learn to
love Edwards!
* Print the ER of both applications to text files. Then use a tool like
"Beyond Compare" to compare them. Printing the ER will provide you a way to
see what parameters JDE is actually using in the logic.

Notations - why you have to verify all the merges!
Here's what happens...
You look at an if statement, it reads :
If PO cItemConsolidationFlag is not equal to <Blank>
Hide Object(FC Business Unit)
Hide Object(FC Business Unit)
Show Object(FC Business Unit)
Show Object(FC Business Unit)
End If

However, if you print the ER to a text file, it might read:
If FC JUNKFlag is not equal to <Blank>
Hide Object(FC MoreTimeOff)
Hide Object(BC MoreVacationTime)
Show Object(FC MoreTimeOff)
Show Object(BC moreVacationTime)
End If

You have to Compare and/or Touch each line to make sure that the merge
really moved it correctly. Do not trust what shows on the screen, when
looking at the ER. Select Each Line Of Code and VERIFY...

Yes, as you can see - I have been stung a lot...

Daniel Bohner
[email protected]
JDE - XE & AS/400
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Posts like this are a very big reason this list is so valuable! Its very definately one I've printed and tucked into my "TIPS" folder.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank You,
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