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Model Journal entries not working properly.


Active Member
Hello List.

Have any of you experienced this occurrence.

Create a vendor to which I attach a Percentage Model
JE. At the time of voucher entry, when I get to GL
distribution, the percentage does not calculate
properly i.e if the amount was 150.00 instead of
multiplying 150 by .30, .65 and .5; it just allocate
30.00, 65.00 and 5.00 making the distribution 100.00
instead of 150.00, thereby creating an out of balance
I go in and fix the amount manually, when I post the
batch, all the GL distribution lines get deleted and I
receive an error report.

I try a regular model JE, no percentage. This time on
the F0411 screen, I have a batch for the document,
when I am prompted to F0911 (GL distribution) the
system does not bring the Batch number assigned from
F0411, thereby I receive an error telling me that thae
batch number is invalid.

If any of you have experienced this problem, please

Dell Server
Windows 2000
SQL 2000

Ulrick Ceus
A JDEdwards Product Certified Consultant
USMTech Consulting Group, Inc
Gilbert, Arizona



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Hi Ulrick,

I have experienced and resolved a "similiar" problem to what you are experiencing as described below. We do not use % Models so the below only references problems using standard models.

Issue: If a supplier has a model JE attached in Supplier Master, and a voucher is created, the model JE G/L distribution lines are not saved with the invoice. This became apparent when the attempt to post the batch failed because none of the offsetting entries were present.

Resolution: SAR 4913771 purported to fix this issue. It did, but it also introduced a new problem in that on the G/L Distribution Screen the Batch Number field was blanked out - causing a "Batch Number Invalid" error. There is a SAR on this issue but no fix yet available. To resolve this problem I modified P0411 Form K to disable 2 lines (introduced by the ESU) where a Web variable was being moved into the FC Batch Number field. This change resolved the issue for us until JDE releases a fix.

I hope this helps.


Larry Jones
OneWorld XE, SP 15.1
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
Mfg, Distribution, Financials