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In the Item Master the item primary UoM = MT with a conversion to MM of 1000 MM = 1 MT.
In BoM, the quantity is .05 MM. When I create a work order for 100 I expect to get a parts list with 5 MM, but instead it is 5,000 MM.
If I change the BoM to have the same PRIMARY UoM of MT, then it works OR change the primary to MM, then it works. But if I use another UoM, the parts list attached to the WO is wrong.

Is it a "rule" that I have to use the primary UoM in the BoM? Geeeez I hope not..... Is this a known error? Am I doing something wrong?

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In the Work with item UOM measure conversion- make sure the 1 MT is the
"from" UOM and 1000 is the conversion factor and MM is the "TO" UOM this
should give you a Inverse Conversion of .001. The rule is The Primary
should be the smallest UOM Therefore the Primary = MT and the conversion
should be 1 MT = 1000 MM. At least that's how I think it works in One World

Charlie Malone
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Hi Rob,
My client is on 7332 and has the same problem.
My suggestion is do you set the "MM" as your component UOM ? If not, try this first. If still doesn't work, there is a SAR may related this issue -- 5050082 for 7332 and 5080257 for Xe.
I will apply the ESU suggested next week and keep post the result on list.