Math copy api


Hi ,

I need to know the Syntax of Using Math COPY API in C BSFN , When the requirement is to copy the DOCO from Table F56XXXXX to DOCO element placed in the data structure D56POCA.

I would like some one to help in framing the syntax below. I am not aware of first part of syntax below.

MathCopy("How to use DOCO from F56XXXXX",&lpdsDSD56POCA->mnOrderNumber,);



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MathCopy(&mnDest, &mnSrc)

If that is giving you trouble, I would suggest that you take some time to first learn C (outside of the JDE toolset) before trying to code C BSFNs. Once you have a firm grasp of the language, its constructs and concepts then apply it to C BSFNs. Its not like ER code, you can't just stumble your way through it. Contrary to its reputation, the C language is not all that complex or difficult and really doesn't take to long to learn the fundamentals... but you damn well better learn the fundamentals before you try and use it.