"Mark as Edited? - Does it work and how


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\"Mark as Edited? - Does it work and how

We can edit our older posts and have a choice "Mark as Edited?" before we submit the changes.
I have tried it but I haven't see any "mark" on my edited post.

Does it work already?
If it does then how does it affect the post?

My supposition that maybe the effects are:
* update the timestamp of the post and so moving it in the rank of the thread(s).
* Marking it as "unread" for users who have already read it once before modification.

I do not want to test it on the Forum, so Eric, please answer me.

Thanks in advance,
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Re: \"Mark as Edited? - Does it work and how

The mark shoud be at the end of the post and say some link: edited by Zoltan.. on ##/##/##

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Re: \"Mark as Edited? - Does it work and how

Here is an example /wwwimages/icons/yikes.gif

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Here is the test<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by Chad_Anderson on 11/28/00 01:02 PM.</FONT></P>