Manual Billing Approval


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We have a situation where the accountants ask the accounts receivable department to enter a manual bill with a negative amount for a tenant.
Usually, the batch ends up in error, AR department runs Edit Register and the batch is ready for posting if no errors are found.

We have to implement an approval process so that whenever a bill with negative amount is entered, the batch should need to be approved by a manager before it can be posted. We also need to inform the manager with the batch number waiting for approval with the link to approve.
Anyone has any ideas on how to do this other than modifying R15300 to put the batch on "Hold" when there is a bill with negative amount?

Thanks in advance..

P.S.:- We are on EnterpriseOne 9.0 (on Windows server) TR 9.1.3, heavily customized environment.


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Off the top of my head I am thinking you can use batch approval and post security. Create a user id that is for the purpose of entering the manual bill with the negative amount, this user id will be tied to the approver of the batch(es) that contain those records.