Lot Number vs Serial Number, mutually exclusive?


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After reading the documentation, I still have questions. We would like to use serial numbers on certain manufactured items. What I gather from the documentation is that the assignment happens during the sale, order allocation? Can't tell whether they can be assigned at work order completion as we do with lot numbers. If we have a work order for 5 units, assign a lot number at completion of the 5, do we then have to assign individual serial numbers when we process the sale or can we assign both a lot# and serial # by completing one unit at a time? Just wondering if we can have both a lot number and a serial number for an item.

Thanks in advance for your help.
1. Serial Number Assignment may happen at multiple points - but if its truly a serialized item the serial number must be assigned BEFORE it goes into inventory. For a Purchased item this can be at time of receipt. For a Manufactured item it may be at WO Completion or when parts are issued to the WO.

2. Lot and Serial number use the same field (LOTN) so no, you cannot have both a lot and a serial number for an item.