Lose pdf after modifying a BI field


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Hi Gurus,

I have done some research on this issue. I can't seem to come up with a unique enough search criteria.

I have a check template that I have successfully moved from Production to Dev. with the one problem that the MICR comes out all garbled.

I need to modify the fractional data, the advice area (font size and wrap), and fix the MICR font.

While I'm doing this I upload the new template write the check and see the output in WSJ | RD Output.

As soon as I mess around with highlighting a BIP field and going into properties, then uploading the template, and running the check, I no longer get pdf output in the RD Output. I can add text, change text, change the font size for BIP fields and even delete BIP fields, reupload the template and get the pdf output in the RD Output area.

Can anyone please help?

Ben again,
E900 8.98.34
One suggestion if you have already not tried the same.
Upload the template in same environment in which you are running WSJ.
I mean WEB and not FAT.

Hi Gurus, I'd like a chance at restating my problem.

I have a Check template that I download from PD and upload into DV. I run the check print and can see output. I can modify lot's of features in Word, re-upload, re-run the check print and see the PDF output. I can even delete BIP fields, re-upload, re-run the check print and see the PDF. As soon as I mess with any of the BIP fields (other than delete - and yes I am loading XML data), I am unable to get PDF output after re-uploading and re-running the check print.

I have validated with no errors, and I can hit the PDF from the template and get my desired PDF output. It is only when I have run it through the process that I don't get PDF output and I still don't understand why.

I tried to look up compatibility between the BIP on the server and the template and can't find anything (couldn't retrieve the document that Abhishek refers to from My Oracle Support).

Can anyone help?
Ben again,
If you haven't, check that your BIP Desktop is at the same release level as the servers'?

Reason being that after, BIP changed the way it stores the embedded instructions in RTF text fields (to overcome some size limitations).

So, for example, if your server is on, and your fat client is running the latest BIP Desktop (post then the template produced by your desktop will cause errors when used by the server (after uploading the revised template).