Rendering a PDF built template during design


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Hi Gurus,

I have built a pdf template (not to be confused with an rtf template) and was wondering if anyone knew how to attach an XML file and render it?

I know how to open up an rtf template in Word and attach a Sample XML and click on the PDF button to render a report and now I am looking for the same feature when working in Adobe Acrobat to preview the output for the pdf template.

Ben Again


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Hi Ben,

I am not sure of this but as far as I know BI Publisher does not have a plugin for Acrobat (Pro). BI Publisher works with PDF templates at runtime by merging in XML into PDF form fields with the same names as the XML elements. I believe that Acrobat can import into a form from XML. This would not test BI publisher but would test that your BIP XML element names align with the PDF form elements.