Looking for filtering tip using JDE grids


While view a grid I would like to know if I can filter for:

- null value
- not equal to
- greater than x and less than or equal to y
- the third character of a filed is equal to I
any other filter tools

Please include your configuration information, because that will affect whether my suggestion below applies to your question.

Please look into using Advanced Query capabilities within many grids in JDE. For null value, maybe try <1. You can use not equal to in the AQ or in the QBE line. For the greater/less combo you can use "between" in the AQ. Don't know about the third character one, though -- I don't think AQ can handle that one.
In case you haven't discovered it by now, you can search a grid for "not equal to x" by typing "!x" or "!=x" in the QBE line.
The advanced query search in Tools 9.1 allow you to search for "is null" or "is between" x and y.
Can't think of a way to search for the third character of a field.
For third character try underscore underscore x*

Such as this example searching for x in the third position __x*

Let me know if it works for you as it does for me.

Al Marmero
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That is a great tip, thanks! I didn't know the QBE line recognized the "_" wildcard.
That's great Al - thanks!
Also just learned that the wildcard % works the same as the wildcard *

Happy New Year!

Happy new year.
I am on TR and __x* does not work for me

When I click save the * disappears.

What am I doing wrong?
Hi John,
Could you please share which application and field you are using?
Remember it is Case Sensitive as well..........so evaluate your data records for your test. And it considers blank spaces.....so 4 underscores and C* will return ABC Company.

But please feel free to send me an email here with the details of your specific tests and I will assist as time allows.
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Thanks guys

I was just testing this on P01012 W01012B and just trying on QBE Alpha Name EQUAL __S

If I try CONTAINS __S it works
Hi John,
Thank you for specifying the application and form. Could you please specify exactly what you're typing in the QBE line? Are you typing the words "EQUAL" and "CONTAINS", or typing something else?
Sounds like you have it solved my friend just be mindful of how you populate the QBE line to retrieve the expected results. And remember that sometimes you may need to populate a few alternatives to achieve success.

You're actually placing this into the QBE column on the form itself
NOT adding to the query builder as a line

If I add it as a QBE field as __S* it works yes.

You guys try adding it as a line to the builder. It doesn't work


Seems that it does work on Query Manager -- withou the trailing asterisk *

Seems that it does work on Query Manager, but without the trailing *........................please see the attachment.


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