E9.2 Set Selection Group criteria not added to query


Dear All,

I would like to add a selection group to a grid query with SetSelectionGroup, but it seems these lines are ignored.

The view is F4106 and F0101 join

I've added the following lines (for testing only) to find button click event
Set Selection Append Flag(FC Grid, <Yes>)
Set Selection Group(FC Grid, "F4106", "AN8", <Equal To>, "1058", <And>)
Set Selection Group(FC Grid, "F4106", "AN8", <Equal To>, "1059", <And>)

But the qenerated query contains the following critera only: ( T0.BPAN8 = T1.ABAN8 )

( if I use SetSelection the filter criterias are added to the query as expected )

Please help, what am I doing wrong.

Thank you in advance
I have tried using selection group as well. I have not been successful and haven't been able to find documentation on how its supposed to work. I would be interested to know if anyone knows more about it too.
Same experience as Scott. The ER system function "Set Selection Group" is effectively broken IMO. I don't think I have ever been able to get it to work.

Edit 1.
BTW, in your example you shouldn't need to use it. You really only need "Set Selection Group" if your WHERE clause contains 'OR' clauses. As in
WHERE T0.AN8 = 2000072 OR (T0.AN8 = 1000 AND (T0.STYL = 'C' OR T0.STYL='CS'))

Just to clarify a little bit. If I remember correctly I have gotten it to work in one very small case a long long time ago. If I remember correctly the main problem is that in practice you often end up with mismatched number of brackets. What you end up with is something like:

WHERE T0.AN8 = 2000072 OR (T0.AN8 = 1000 AND (T0.STYL = 'C' OR T0.STYL='CS')     --missing a )
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