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Has anyone placed logo on a JDE generated report?

I understand you can do this by making the logo a font and placing this in the appropriate section of your report.

If anyone has done this could you give me some direction on how to accomplish it?


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Hi Roger,

I have done this, and I think if you search the forum you might find some other posts about it. We achieved it for one of our clients by downloading some freeware font design software from the web. We created a new font and attached five different group logos to each of the characters 1-5. In RDA you simply add an RC field called '1' (or and RV and use assignment), and then select your newly created font in the properties - you won't see the logo in RDA, just the character you have mapped it to. When you run the UBE hey presto the logo is printed.

We found that the freeware font software we downloaded allowed us to create fairly simple logos but there are millions of font design packages out there, you'll need to research which ones meet your requirements.

Final Hint: Make sure you install the new font on the server as well as on your local machine :)

Hope that helps,

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We did this trick in a font with a Win2K Server and Win2K Workstation and it's working great LOCAL or SERVER. This was done using a freeware called Font Creator Program.

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Have you been able to do this and get this to work? I am working in the exact same environment and am curious as to what you did here or have done, and especially if successful.


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