Locking down G/L batch dates

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OK, I'm STILL not a "functional".

Finance department has asked whether we can lock the BATCH DATES for journal entries.
I'm GUESSING that they mean w/in P09101 and/or P09202.

I didn't see anything like a p/opt to control this.
I searched this forum and didn't see anything interesting as to whether this is vanilla functionality.

Can batch dates be "secured" in vanilla?
If so, how?
If not - mod city?



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Just to add some clarity to Journal Entry per your post. The batch date is not very critical in Journal Entry creation, the important date is the (DGJ), general ledger date. This in a sense can be locked by insuring the correct period is set in the F0008 fiscal date patterns. Also, insuring that (PBCO) "posting before cutoff" is set to not allow posting back to any closed financial period. Check with your Finance Team to determine if this meets their requirement. If not please ask them to cite a specific instance where the batch date conflicts with their need.


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You can also test the "batch control" functionality in the general accounting constants to determine how you can use this feature to control JE batch dates.

Batch Control Required

When users create a batch of documents using an interactive application such as Journal Entries, they may want to verify the total number of documents and total currency amount for the batch. Batch Control allows users to verify the total amount expected against the total amount entered immediately after the batch is created.

If you select this check box, the system displays an additional form when you enter a batch. You enter the total number of documents and the total amount that you expect the batch to contain. If the user does not enter any data in the Batch Control form, the current date will default into the Batch Date field and the Batch Number value will default from Next Numbers. The Total Expected Amount and Total Expected Documents fields will remain blank or zero.