Object Browser Batch ER Export using Command Lines


Hi All,

I would like to use object browser's batch export feature using command lines. When execute the command objectbrowser.exe -h it is giving below message. Can anyone help me by providing an example to export 10 objects ER having names in a .txt file.

JDE Object Browser Batch Export Mode
Usage: objectbrowser.exe
-a Input File with list of objects (other object selection parms ig
-b Export Flags. 1 = Event Rules 2 = Object Properties 3 = Both (d
efault) 4 = None
-c PathCode when using central objects
-d Export directory (folder)
* -e Environment
-f Prefix spec source to filename
-g Log File Path
-h Help - shows this message
-i Silent Mode - no user input
-j OMW Project (wildcards allowed)
-l Spec Location (L - Local)*default (C - Central Objects)
-m Mode (H - HTML)*default (T - Text)
-n Do not process object versions
* -o Object (wildcards allowed)
* -p Password
-r Version name (wildcards allowed)
-s System (01, 42, etc)
-t Append timestamp to filename
* -u User
-v Datasource for versions
-w OMW update date prefix with e(equal),l(less than) or g(greater t
-x[fmt] Export APP or UBE procesing options by version (1-Excel)*default
(2-CSV) (3-TXT)
-y Object Type
-z[fmt] Export UBE data selection by version (1-Excel)*default (2-CSV) (

* parameters are required.
Press any key to continue ...

Thanks In Advance.