Linking WSJ Job # to the PPAT messages



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Hi list

Does anyone know of a link from F986110 WSJ table down into the PPAT message tables F01131M etc

I've been racking my brain and I can't see it other than a very tenuous AN8 and date and time. Which isn't narrow enough for me :)

Thanks in advance


Try the method below, it includes an8 (or user id) and date and time as well as ube and version. I don't know that it works 100 % of the time, but for our relatively small installation, it seems OK.

FROM F01133, F01131
OR ZTAN8 = <user associated address book number> )
AND ZZTSV LIKE <UBE>|<version>| ...
AND ZTDTI = jcactdate
AND (1000000 * ZZUPMJ + zzupmt) >= (1000000 * jcsbmdate + jcsbmtime)
AND (1000000 * ZZUPMJ + zzupmt) <= (1000000 * jcactdate + jcacttime)
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Awesome, cheers Peter, I'll give this a go. Seems solid enough, so thanks :)

I was hoping there was secret field or path that linked JOBNBR to SERK somehow. I'll see how i get on but it looks good :)

Found the link :)

PID in WSJ is the same as the ZZPID on F01131.

So from there you get the SERK, from there you can hit the F01131M

Boomb, you can then see the WC message list :)

And if you know where to look you can also see what line of C++ is giving you a headache

I think I'd be careful using F01131.ZZPID. In my database, using Tools TR9.1.2.1, it contains "PPATapi". I selected a sample row from F986110 and looked up the JCPROCESSID (which is a numeric column) in F01131.ZZPID and it retrieved a different row from F01131. We still have data in F01131 from before our last upgrade (which also included a new enterprise server). The F986110 row I selected was since the upgrade and the F01131 row retrieved using the ZZPID was from before the upgrade.
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