Link objects in PDF report output in E1 8.12, TR 8.96.40



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As far as I know, the PDF generated in E1 8.12, TR 8.96.40 is just holds data.

Can I generate pdf/excel files with links to comments, attachments etc.

In detail,

Unfortunately, the requirement is little bit hard to implement in JDE.

One of our user (from higher management) need the following:

- They will attach number of documents to a Company record. The custom Company have lot of documents related with it, such as Company Registration document etc.

- They need to submit these documents to government on regular basis.

- They need to generate an Excel sheet with information (stored in JDE tables) and a link to the attached Media Object. They were doing this with Microsoft Access, and they are expecting much more from JDE
Have you seen my auto emailing posts on here?

You can go off to the server and get the PDF / CSV of any job you want and attach it to an email.
Maybe that will help you?

I'll try and dig it out for you
Hi. I believe he is attempting to create a solution with a high degree of automation. It appears he may be desiring to incorporate into the pdf all of the attachments stored in the F00165 relative to specific records. Then they also need to export to a xls and link that to the pdf. While these can be accomplished manually, I suspect a more automated solution is the first order to be explored.
Al Marmero,

Yes, I need this.

John Danter ,

Thanks for that link. I have done that one year ago, with your help !!!