Large # of Base Price Records


Topic - JDEdwards System Performance with a
significant volume of pricing records. We have a
client we are supporting in implementation of a tiered
"net pricing" strategy on JDEdwards. This involves
setting up multiple base price records per SKU in the
F4106 based on customer price group. The number of
SKUs, customer price groups, and currencies will
result in over 2 million records in the base price
file. With the introduction of new SKUs and the annual
expiration of all pricing, the file could reach 10
million records with 3 - 4 years. All pricing will be
accessed from the base price file, advance pricing
will be used on an very limited basis. The client is
concerned with potential system performance issues due
to the volume of records. They are on the AS400
platform operating in a co-existence mode. If you have
implemented a pricing design with a significant volume
of records, I would appreciate any feedback that you
have related to system performance. If you have any
insight or information that would be help please reply
to [email protected].

Thanks in advance.