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JDEList Mailing List Changes


Effective September 1, 2001, JDEList is incorporating
its mailing list functions into the JDEList Forum.
This will allow JDEList users to control all aspects of
their JDEList mail in one location - the JDEList
Forum. As a result, JDEList subscriber will experience
the follow changes in the e-mail that they receive from
the mailing list(s). Individuals who post directly to
the Forum will not be affected by these changes.
The To: address in all outbound JDEList e-mail
will no longer contain the e-mail address of the
JDEList mailing list. Instead it will contain the e-
mail address of the recipient of the message. If you
are routing mail by scannning the To: address of
incoming mail, you will want to adjust your routing configuration.
JDEListml@jdelist.com, JDEOWDevml@jdelist.com, and
JDEWorldml@jdelist.com will no longer accept posts.
The valid e-mail addresses to post to are and will
continue to be JDEList@jdelist.com,
JDEOWDev@jdelist.com and JDEWorld@jdelist.com.

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Reputable Poster
One question regarding the change to the JDElist mailing. If the jdelist
will not be in the TO: of the email header, what can I setup a rule to
look for? With the volume of email that is send, I do not want it all
going into my normal business mailbox. If there is nothing that I can
set up a rule to scan for, I will have to unsubscribe because it would
interfere too much with my normal business correspondence.
Any info would be helpful...


Frosty the Coder

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Re: RE: JDEList Mailing List Changes

Consider unsubscribing your primary email addr.
Get a freebie email addr (anywhere) and point
your JDElist profile towards it.

Gene Piekarski, Jr

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John, I have the follow rules for my mail and work fine

Apply this rule after the message arrives
Where the To line contains 'jdelist'
or Where the CC line contains 'jdelist'
or Where the To or CC line contains 'jdelistml'
Move it to the jdelist folder
and Stop processing more rules

Benito Cruz
One World administrator
XE SP 14.1 AS/400 V4R5

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Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2001 8:47 PM
Subject: RE: JDEList Mailing List Changes


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RE: RE: JDEList Mailing List Changes

Is it possible to put jdelist or something into the from: section? Yes, I
could get a free email account, but as anyone knows, those get so full of
garbage and spam, it really does take time away from being able to get
through the messages. I have a hotmail account, and it is constantly full of
so much junk, I don't use it. (and you can only block 150 accounts). Just
trying to figure out an alternative..


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RE: RE: JDEList Mailing List Changes


Would it be possible to concatenate JDEList to the subject or add something
very 'list' oriented to the text of the message.

You are aware of the vast amount of communications that flies through the
forum - it would be nice to be able to continue 'ruling' the messages to
their own folder.

Or, perhaps we are misunderstanding something - I am in the understanding
that there isn't anything specific to the forum's mail being sent out...


Daniel Bohner
JDE - XE & AS/400
JDE - B7331 & MS SQL 7x


Scan for the word JDEList in the body of the message. It will always appear
in the footer of every message.

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Re: RE: JDEList Mailing List Changes

The problem with that idea is that if your mailbox fills up and too many messages bounce, you will be unsubscribed from the list.

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RE: RE: JDEList Mailing List Changes

There is an option to Auto foreward e-mails to another folder. It works for
me 90% of the time and I just mass delete the inbox. It's been working
pretty well.

Dan Eppich


Well Known Member
That's great for you. But did you know there are a number of companies which
ban access to Hotmail and other free webmail providers as part of their
general Internet Access Policy!!!

If you really don't like all the emails, then change your profile and go
online to view the list - it works great.

Alternatively use some of the other suggestions - I use the 'JDELIST' in
body of text to sort mine - it is quick and simple and you don't miss

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