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I'm having a moan!

"Claytons Spam" - you know - not actually spam, but high volume and annoying, but unlike real spam, generally not dangerous. Why is it that some (mostly new to JDEList) find it necessary to post their comments on a high volume of threads? Are they trying to come across as JDE "experts"? Generally they come across as the opposite. Some threads are "ancient" in that none of the original posters have been on JDEList for years, or the issue has since been fixed or is no longer relevant. Some of the comments, repeat what the thread already contains (or there is a reference/link to another thread that contains) the essence of their comments, showing they have not read or understood the thread properly. In some rare instances their comments are actually appropriate and helpful.

Moan finished. Maybe now I can do some actual work. Thanks for your forbearance.
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On the plus side, the frequency of "I am a fresher in JDE, Can you send me a step-by-step guide to installing and managing JDE?" posts has been waning.

I also have to give you thanks Peter for my word for the day "Claytons". I may have been in Oz a while now but I certainly wasn't here in the 80's and 90's and I had no idea what you meant by it.

It actually took a bit of finagling to get Google to give me this: http://ozwords.org/?p=3240 (Left here for others who might have seen "Claytons' and thought it was referring to Clayton Seeley. I'll take any and all spam that Clayton wants to send me.)