JDE XE export to Excel - compatability


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Hi all,

I have a customer who is on XE SP23 and has had various combinations of operating systems and MSOffice. When using the Export to Excel application they had no issues using XP and Office 2000 and Win7 and Office2000. They upgraded one of their machines to Win10 and Office2013 and the Export routine no longer works. I have asked them to initially try win10 and Office2000 to see if Win10 is causing the issue. I've checked the forum for similar issues but can find none hence the question. My initial thoughts are compatibility with XE and a combination of either Win10 or Office2013 as these seem to stick out like a sore thumb.

Does anyone know if there are workarounds or registry fixes to get JDE XE export to Excel to work on Win10/Office2000 or Win10/Office2013? Also is the installation of Office2013 any different - not installed in the same place as previous installations so JDE may be looking in the wrong place?

Windows 10 and Office 2013 are not supported by OneWorld Xe.

Look at the certifications tab on support.oracle.com - you'll see what operating systems are supported by Xe. Xe will almost certainly NEVER support Windows 10 - you need to get rid of the 15 years old software and upgrade to E1 9.x !
More info need. e,g tool release I assume media object upload also not working?

There are some possibilities.

Start with IE
Go to IE and under general (browsing history) view object. look if you find jdeexpimpU.ocx file. if not

try that:
reset browser by going to internet option <advanced> and reset including personal setting. whenever user will go to export to excel screen the popup message will come to install the activex so accept it. may be users initially not accepted.

Thanks for the replies, the customer is on a release they will not upgrade from unfortunately (XE SP23). They completed some testing for me and here are there results:

Win7 & Office 2000 - works OK
Win7 & Office 2013 - Works OK
W10 & office 2000 - Works Ok
W10 & Office 13 - Fails
W10 & Office 2013, with Excel 2000 also loaded, works OK, but all spreadsheets load in Excel 2000, including outside of JDE.

When they try to do the Export to Excel with W10 & Office 2013, the error message they get is this:

Failed to Start Microsoft Excel. Please make sure that Microsoft Excel is Properly installed on this machine.