JDE World 7.3 Lot (Serial Number Required)


I've changed the IM and BP to require serial number (LOT) to a Y and there are options for commitment I have tested, but I'm running into issues with how the LOTS are committed.

I'm struggling to determine how to get the sales order to pick up lots that are available.

Can you assign a lot that "LOT 1" is used until availability = 0 and then it pulls "LOT 2"? It appears that commitment option "2" is designed for this, but it's not working as planned. It keeps assigning "LOT 1" forever.

I cannot use expiration dates, because I don't know when I'll use up the "LOT 1". I don't know when they will be gone, but I want to sell those all first until they are gone and then move to "LOT 2".

I considered using location, but I want to require an entry for every sales order. I cannot find where a location is required on a sales order.

We will want to be able to refer back to a sales order and determine what LOT (1,2,3, etc.) it was sold from.