JDE Red Cross error in Purchase Order (Invalid Dream writer version)


Hi All,
When I open P4312_W4312F (Purchase Order Receipts) and select an order number this takes me to form W4312A. Next step would be to edit a field ("Rec Opt") in this form and complete the order but I get a red cross errror pointing to 'G/L Date' (but this is correct since its today's date). The error info is:
"Invalid Version

ErrorID: 1243
Description: Cause........This DREAM Writer Version does not currently exist.
Resolution... You must set up a Version Identification record for all versions
of a report to be executed through the DREAM Writer. You can do
this from the Versions List off the DREAM Writer menu (G81)."

The JDE/JAS logs do not give me much information and I can't turn on debug as this is an intermittent issue.
I have attached some screenshots in case this helps.

Our JDE TR is a bit old: B7334 SP23_W1
Web server OS: Win 2003 R2 SP1

Has anyone seen this error before? I’d appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.


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