E9.2 User getting "action invalid" error


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One of our JDE E1 users was setting up sales order pricing adjustment schedules and was attempting to add new entries when she got an "Action Invalid" error. See screen shot. I think this is something she does only occasionally.

action invalid error.png
I don't think this is security related because she was able to add an item for a different adjustment type, just not for the one she needed to add to. I don't believe we are using action code security (whatever that is). I'm fairly familiar with various forms of security in E1, but action code security is not one of them.

I'm not really sure what action codes are, or where they are defined. I suspect that perhaps this might be the reason she's running into these errors. Does anyone know where to see these definitions?
So she was trying to add an item-specific adjustment detail record when she got this error? If so, does that adjustment's preference hierarchy allow an item-specific adjustment detail? Or does the preference hierarchy allow what she was trying to do--for instance, was she trying to add an item/customer adjustment detail but the preference hierarchy not allow a customer/item price adjustment?
I have the same issue. I am able to add the item from within E1 but this error happens when I run under the same credentials in Orchestrator