E9.2 Invalid Record Error in P43081

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Govind Srinivasan

Hello All
While creating J line type orders against a GL account sometimes we are getting a "Record Invalid Error" when the approver goes to P43081 to review and approve orders. The issue cannot be replicated.

However even with this error, the user is able to get in and approve the Purchase Orders and hence there seems to be no apparent error with the specific PO.

Did anyone else face the same issue. Please let me know what is the reason.

When you get the error grab the error code and also expand on the error on see ER details on what and which function and on what line it is getting . Try to dry run using the data over the BSFN code possibly and see whats happening . May be next time tell the user not to do it for one time sake , get your cnc online , create sessions grab debug log and see . If you want , change ocm mapping to point to production for this one time and grab logs locally
See if the approval route code has any special characters (Ç, É, Í, etc.).